Spectrum DX8 & Spectrum DX10

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Εχουν χρησιμοποιήσει το ίδιο σασί με την 6αρα, μάλλον για πιο
φθηνή λύση, αν αυτό το φθηνή λύση περάσει σε εμάς (πελάτες),
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Τώρα αν δεν αρέσει, έχουμε πεί, περί ορέξεως ..........  ::-)

Πάντως θα βγει σε καλή τιμή από ότι διάβασα....

Μερικά από τα χαρακτηριστικά της DX 8

What's inside:
• Spectrum DX8 Channel
• Spektrum 8 Channel Receiver
• Spectrum telemetry transmitters
• Sensors


The DX8 is a better range of hand-held transmitter for the aspiring model pilots. The investment follows a modern design with an impressive ergonomics. All controls are within comfortable reach,
even if you have smaller hands. Course
DX8 is the spectrum with the unique
DSM2 transmission system facilities. It offers a fast and secure link to the model. Of course, this also includes remote control system
in the range of equipment used to make Bind and Fly fly models of Horizon.
The facility is equipped with telemetry. This permits real-time monitoring of flight log data and the power supply and
Data from other external sensors. The facility has a modern and very ergonomic
Software that is fast and intuitive. Extensive functions for area pilots,
as well as for helicopter pilots from the software feature.
Internally, the system stops at 30 model memories. The built-in SD card reader, however, allows an approximate
unlimited number of model memories. In addition, software updates can be easily performed.
The spectrum DX8 is supplied with 4 languages.
It can be set to 3 service areas
- EU, France and U.S.. Furthermore, the investment in Mode 1 can be flown to 4. DX8 The spectrum needs are met almost all of the dedicated model airplanes.
Kit contents:
• Features:
• Real-time telemetry
• Strength
• Recipient or flight battery voltage
• Flight Log data
• Sensor data
• SD / MMC card for storage / software update
• 30 model memories
• large backlit LCD
• Electronic Maximalwegbegrenzung
• 8-channel receiver with telemetry interface
• Stopwatch on gas activated
• adjustable Language
• Alarm
• Examination of the transmission data
• Mode 1-4 selectable

• Special flight functions:
• Delayed flap
• Free switch allocation
• Alerting capabilities for selected joystick

• Special helicopter functions:
• Electronic E-Ring
• active attitude of the gyro gain
• Swashplate Timing
• selected alerting

Required accessories:
The facilities of other models, the telemetry modules and boards / Sesoren are also available separately.
Each spectrum receiver with a data port is compatible with the telemetry module.
Telemetry Module
Air Speed Sensor Telemetry Board
Air speed sensor
Aircraft telemetry battery power board
SPMA9570 battery voltage
Aircraft Telemetry Temperature Sensor Board
Temperature Sensor
Connecting in series of connected boards are available in lengths.
6 "= 15.24 cm SPM9563
9 "= 22.86 cm SPM9564
12 "= 30.48 cm SPM9565
Other Accessories:
DX8 16MB SD card SPMA9649

ειδαμε την 10 αρα και μας εφτιαξε η διαθεση... ^$ ^$ ^$ ^$
τωρα με την 8αρα το αποτελειωσαμε..... ^., ^., ^.,

χαλια και οι 2...απο ομορφια εννοω.. ^΄' ^΄' ^΄'


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